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F-6 entered PAF service on 30th December  1965 when Air Marshal Noor Khan, Chief of Air Staff, decided to equip PAF with this system after the 1965 war. It served PAF for more than thirty-five years and was finally retired in 2002, when the last F-6 squadron (No. 23 ‘Talons’) re-equipped with new F-7PG aircraft.

>>Total F-6s procured: 260

>>F-6 Rebuild Factory inaugurated 8 Nov 1980

>>Factory was been overhauling an aircraft in 8 months compared to a round-trip to China which took 24 months

>>PAF flew more than 400,000 sorties (approx 300,000 hrs) in 37 years

>> Air Cdre Zahoor Shaikh holds the record for max hours - 1765, closely followed by Air Cdre Rehmatullah with 1735 hours

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